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Manager's Toolkit - Independent Contractors

As a general rule, individuals should be classified as employees if they are performing regular, ongoing work at a parish, do not have a business license, and are not working for a business with which the parish has a contract. The most common area where there is confusion with assigning employment status to individuals is in parish music ministry. Cantors and musicians who are regularly scheduled at liturgies should be regarded as parish employees and paid through ADP. This also means that these individuals must have an I-9 on file, sign the Human Resources and Safe Environment Church Personnel Agreements, and attend Safe Environment training.

Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors

Please note: there are legitimate independent contractors working in our parishes, such as:

  • Licensed landscapers who provide lawn mowing and garden maintenance to a variety of customers in addition to the parish;
  • Licensed CPA's who provide financial or bookkeeping services to parishes in addition to a number of other small businesses in the community.

In the above examples, the individuals are licensed, in business for themselves and provide services to a variety of clients. In addition, persons performing work for a separate business that the parish has contracted with, such as janitors who work for a cleaning company, are also not considered employees. Those individuals who provide a one-time service to a parish or work only a few times a year, can still be classified as independent contractors.

Don’t forget, most independent contractors must be issued a 1099 at the end of the year! See the accounting manual or contact Parish Financial Services for more information.

Please contact the Human Resources Office for help in determining any individual’s appropriate employment status. (206) 382-4570 or 1- 800 261-4749.

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