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Manager's Toolkit - Terminations

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Exit interviews

Should be given to all departing employees. They can give you very valuable information that you would not have access to any other way. Do not assume that someone being involuntarily terminated will give misleading information because they are bitter or that someone terminating voluntarily is leaving for a higher salary. Employees will be forthright in exit interviews in a way that they cannot be while they are concerned about keeping their jobs.

In addition to collecting general information about the parish, sitting down one-on-one with a departing employee gives you a specific opportunity to collect important information and parish-owned items such as forwarding addresses, keys, files, credit cards, laptop computers, cell phones or reference information preferences, ensuring that they do not get lost in what can often be strong emotions surrounding a termination.

Giving References

On July 24, 2005 Washington joined the nearly 80% of states that have statutes protecting employers from liability for giving references. Employers that disclose information about former or current employees to prospective employers or employment agencies will be presumed to have acted in good faith, and will be immune from liability for such disclosures as long as the reference was not unsolicited and the information given was related to the employee's job ability, job performance, or job duties. Employers will not be protected for knowingly disclosing false and/or misleading information. We recommend the following procedures when giving out references on former employees:

  • Have the personnel file in front of you so that factual questions, as well as those regarding your personal opinion, can be answered accurately and you can confirm that the documentation on file will back up what you have said.
  • Be sure the information you give out is job-related and performance-specific.
  • Ask yourself if the information you are disclosing is something the potential employer needs to know.
  • Keep a record of the reference for at least two years.
Involuntary Termination
Sex Abuse and Misconduct Hotline: 1 800 446-7762
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