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Manager's Toolkit - Volunteers

Volunteer Work and Payment

Volunteer Resources

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Can volunteers be paid a stipend?

Are they really a volunteer or could they be considered an employee?

  • Is work performed during normal work hours?
  • Is work similar to employee's regular job duties?

If no to BOTH of the above, this is volunteer work. A volunteer can receive a stipend (monetary appreciation) for efforts, and remain a volunteer, only when:

  • The amount is no more than 20% of what a regular employee would be paid; and
  • The fee is not a substitute for wages; and
  • The fee is not tied to productivity; and
  • The fee is not tied to the amount of time expended; and
  • The individual is only available for specific times; and
  • The services are provided as needed (not throughout the year).

(More information can be found in the Department of Labor Opinion Letters FLSA2005-51 and FLSA2006-18.)

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