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2016 Newsletters
July 2016
• City of Seattle New Employment Notification Requirements
• Unclaimed Property Link
• Ethics Hotline Open
• Parish Accounting Manual to be updated
• Office of Property & Construction: County Property Valuation
• Parish Stewardship Commitment Renewal Training Dates
• ACA 2016 Updates
• 2016 Maintenance & Custodial Safety Training Registration
June 2016
• Keeping your parish safe from break-ins
• 2015-2016 Parish Annual Report forms available online
• Insurance Program Changes:Invoices via Risk Partner
• Christina Lewis-Real Estat Manager: Property & Construction
• ACA 2016: Grow your Rebate
• Stewardship & Development: 2016 Stewardship of Talent Campaign
• Missions Office: Customized Giving Reports Available
* Campamento Para Familias Aug 26-28, 2016
May 2016
• Keep your Parish Property Secure
• Fraudulent Credit Accounts
• Look out for Fraudulent Emails
• Calendar of due items for PAA/Bookkeepers
• Potential PAA Candidate List
• New PAA Training Sessions
• O'Dea High School, Seattle-Job Opening
• 2015-2016 Parish Annual Report Available Online
• HR: Department of Labor changes
• ACA 2016 update
• Stewardship Training Sessions
• Insurance: Playground Safety
• Safe Environment: Compliance Forms due
• Safety Talk: Exposure to Falls in Park
April 2016
• PFOR Questionnaire link
• PAA Days Survey link
• CRS Rice Bowl Thank you
• Camps Promotional materials
• Property & Construction: county workshops, church exemptions, exempt properties, liturgical building changes
• PDS offer
• ACA 2016 reminders
• Parish Stewardship: Engagement Workshop Registration
• HR: Update on FLSA & Budget Preparation
March 2016
• PFS: PAA Days Follow-up, Dioview, Priest Mileage
• HR: Unemployment Fraud Warning
• Message from Risk Management
• New Policy to Gift Cards and Cash Rewards
• Parish Stewardship Upcoming Events
• ACA 2016 and PDS Special
• A Minute for Safety: Fatigue
• Pastoral Care Gathering at St. Michael, Olympia
• Northwest Catholic Mobiel App available
February 2016
• 2016 PAA Days/Gathering Registration
• Day of Mercy 2016 priests needed
• PRF Withdrawal request form update and reminders
• Fulcrum School Endowment Program session Feb 24th
• NW Catholic App
• CRS and Missions office Guest Speaker Thomas Awiapo
• ACA Video at Leadership Sessions
• Parish Stewardship May 5th Workshop
• Day of Mercy March 5th
• Archives Statues available
• Hispanic Ministry/Multicultural Diversity Best Practices Workshop
• New PRF Withdrawal Request for
January 2016
• New Mileage Rate
• Seattle Minimum Wage
• Annual Tax Exempt Status Renewal
• 2015 Annual Lay Pension Bill
• Registration for 2016 PAA Days
• Safe Environment Updates
• Fulcrum School Endowment Program
• Use Tax owed to State
• Payroll policies link
• Parish Stewardship survey
• ACA 2016 sessions
• CRS Rice Bowl collections
• Special Needs Mass
• Jubilee Year of Mercy Retreats at the Archbishop Brunett Retreat Center

2015 Newsletters
December 2015
• Chancery Holiday Hours
• Minimum wage increase
• Property Tax Exemptions & PSE updates
• Large Deposits for collections notice
• Guidelines for Emergency Situations
• New PAA nominations for training
• Free from St. Luke Parish, Shoreline
• Insurance: Locked gates
• ACA 2016 Training Dates
• Stewardship Website update
• Letter from Archbishop: Budget update
• Preliminary Budget estimates FY 16/17
• Guidelines for Parish Disturbances
• Catholic Cemeteries: ministry & evangelization
November 2015
• From PFS: Utility primary billing name help, part-time bookkeeper position: St. Catherine, Seattle.
• Stewardship & ACA updates
• Exposure to falls due to ice and snow
• Payroll Consolidation HR Implications
• BSO: HSA/FSA seed money update
• Property & Liability Insurance: Student injuries
• 20Syrian Refugee Crisis: info and prayer
• Christmas holiday bonus pay guidance
October 2015
• PFS Notices: Collection Bag Theft, PAA Gathering Survey
• World Mission Sunday 2015
• Property & Construction: New Contract Requests
• Parish Stewardship Workshop
• ACA update
• Marriage Nullity Processes
• Workshop for Lay Ministers
• Workshop for Clergy
September 2015
• PRF Withdrawal Request form reminder
• Parish Stewardship: Priest Pension Fund
• Repost: Human Resources updates
• BSO & PSO Due Date calendar
• Stewardship: Online Pledge form
• Seminar with Deacon Lawrence R. Sutton
• 2nd Annual Mental Health Ministry day
• Active Shooter Preparedness
• Mass Count Letter

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