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Basketball Referee Evaluation - For Coaches Only

Evaluate a CYO Athletics Basketball Referee you witnessed

Keep in mind that referees are human, and you are not going to always get someone’s best performance every game. On the other hand, we do expect our referees to act in a professional manner, show effort, and be knowledgeable of the rules of the game and of CYO Athletics. By providing us honest feedback, we can identify trends that might help us determine strong and competent referees that we may request in the future.

If you are filling out this form because you were frustrated or disappointed with a referee, we ask that you please try to wait at least 24 hours after your game to fill out the form, to give yourself time to reflect upon the events of the game. Please be complete in your submissions.

About You

* Your Name: 
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* Verify Email: 

About the Game

* Date: 
* Grade: 
* Time: 
* Location: 

About the Referee

* Name of Ref: 

On a scale of 1-7, 1=Very Poor, 4=Average, 7=Excellent

Was the referee's attire professional (shirt tucked in, black pants or knee-length black shorts,
non-marking shoes put on after arrival, no jewelry etc?
Was the referee ready to step on the court at least 15 minutes prior to game time?
Did the referee introduce himself or herself to both coaches prior to the game?
Did the referee use hand signals to communicate the calls so players and coaches
understood the call?
Did the referee use the whistle to stop play?
Did the referee verbally communicate calls so that players and coaches could hear?
Did the referee report fouls to scorer's table using mechanics and verbal communication
so that scorer's table and benches could hear?
In two-person mechanics did they rotate at least some of the time on foul calls?
Did the referee communicate evenly to both teams?
How were the referee's interactions with the players?
How were the referee's interactions with the coaches?
Did the referee put forth the effort to be in position to make calls?
Did the referee seem to have appropriate control of the game?
After the game, did the referee print and sign each team's scorebook?
Based on your understanding of the Spirit of CYO Athletics, how well did this official
represent the values of CYO Athletics?
What is your overall rating for this referee?
Other Comments, compliments or concerns
Fields marked with an asterisk * are required     
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