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Soccer Lopsided Winner - For Coaches Only

Submit this form if you are the winning coach of a team where the goal differential was more than five (5) goals.

About You

Confirm that you are the coach of the WINNING Team: 
* Name: 
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* Your Team: 

About the Game

* Date:  * Time: 
* Location: 
* Grade: 
* Gender: 
* Winning Team: 
* Losing Team: 
* Score: 
* At what point in the game did it become apparent that one team was superior to the other?

* What was the time in the game when the superior team reached a three goal lead?

* Were the best players played out of position or removed from the game?
* Did the leading team place a limit (only 2 players into the attacking third, only shots from outside the 18, only crosses with weak foot to a head for goal, etc.) on players to limit scoring? Explain.

* If superiority was determined in the first half, were the best players put into exclusively defensive/goal keeping positions or withdrawn from the second half? Explain.

* Did the inferior team display frustration/resentment toward the approach of the winning team? Explain.

* Is there anything else CYO Athletics should know about this game?

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