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Rules & Policies

Rules and policies are updated each year in the CYO Athletics Manual which is handed out at each pre-season coaches meeting. View specific sections of the manual, or download the entire document at the bottom of this page.
Vision and Philosophy of CYO Athletics
Guidelines for coaches, athletic directors and parents to implement the CYO Athletics philosophy.
Pre-Event Prayer and Statement
Guidelines for beginning all CYO Athletics games and matches in prayer.
Role of CYO Athletics Staff, the Athletics Advisory Commission, and Sports Committees.

Parish/School Athletic Directors
AD Responsibilities
CYO Athletics requires each participating school/parish to have an Athletic Director that is responsible for the following items.
Registration and Finances
Team Registration, Fees and Facility Reimbursements.
Rosters and Player Eligibility
All participants must be listed on the Official CYO Athletics Roster Form, submitted to CYO Athletics by the deadline for each sport. Athletic Directors are responsible for submitting rosters and signature sheets and ensuring the eligibility of each player.

Coaches Responsibilities
CYO Athletics has certain items all coaches are responsible for, but parishes and schools may add to this list.
Mandatory Coaches Trainings - Safe Environment, PLACT, Lystedt Law
Rules regarding the Safe Environment Program (SEP), the Play Like A Champion Today (PLACT) coaches training, PLACT Online Refreshers, and "The Lystedt Law" HB 1824.
Caring for facilities, Maintenance, Seattle Parks and Recreation Training Videos for coaches.
Coaches Meetings
Archdiocesan pre-season coaches meetings and pre-season parent meetings.
Playing Time and Playoff Eligibility
In CYO Athletics, we must recognize that in order for our youth to grow, to develop and to have fun, they must play. These policies ensure all children their right to play.
Incidents, Conduct, Protests, and Appeals
Coaches may need to follow up to an incident by filing an Incident Report. Learn more about this policy, as well as the Code of Conducts, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Game Protest, Game Forfeiture, and Appeals.

Game Officials
Referees and Umpires
Officials need to be given respect and care as a member of the community participating in the CYO Athletics experience.


Rules and Regulations
Proper Equipment and Insurance
Rules regarding Uniforms, Game Equipment, and Insurance.
Leagues and Awards
Divisions, League Standings, Tournaments, and Awards Program.
Transportation and Weather Policies
In all cases, CYO Athletics expects families to use good judgment when traveling to practices and games.

CYO Athletics Manual
Printable Version
The entire CYO Athletics Manual for 2015-2016.
Manual Changes 2015-2016
Summary sheet of CYO Athletics Manual changes for 2015-2016.
2015-2016 Manual Amendment p. 3
Please find an amendment to the Philosophy section of the CYO Athletics manual, which should have made it into the Manual for this year, but did not.

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