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AD Resources
AIM IT PLACT and SEP Tracking
Online Database of coaches, for AD's to login and use for tracking Coach Training requirements.
Best Practice Manual
Ideas for best practices developed from surveys and feedback from AD's.
Sample Process and Timeline
Athletic Directors may find this sample timeline helpful in developing their own checklist for various administrative duties.
Sample Coaches Meeting Agenda
Athletic Directors may find this sample Agenda helpful when thinking through their own pre-season coaches meeting agendas.
Coach Training Requirements - Letter to AD's
August 2012 - Letter to Athletics Directors outlining the coaches training requirements for all coaches in CYO Athletics.
Summary of Coach Training Requirements for CYO Athletics
Some coaches requirements take place before coaching, or by the end of the program year. Others have specific due dates.
Sport is Full Development Video
CYO Athletics promotional video highlighting program mission and values. Check it out!

Coach Resources
Directions to Gyms and Fields
Directions to game fields can be found on the Schedule for each sport. Simply click on the location and the system will automatically find the online map. Otherwise, use this PDF to find directions.
The American Sport Education Program (ASEP)
ASEP has many resources available for coaches on their website
Check out the National CYO Sports website for resources
60-90 Minute Soccer Practice Plan
Andy Hendricks, CYO Soccer Commissioner and Seattle Prep Soccer Coach, breaks down how to maximize a soccer practice.
60 Minute Soccer Practice Plan
Ways to maximize a 60 minute Soccer practice
Soccer Drills
Drills and Techniques to Develop Soccer Players in Practices and Games - Coach Survey Feedback.
Keeping it Fun! Soccer
Soccer Coaches - Games and drills to keep it fun for the kids
Keeping it Fun! Cross Country
Cross Country Coaches - Games and drills to keep it fun for the kids
Cross Country Drills
Drills and Techniques to Develop Cross Country Athletes in Practices and Meets - Coach Survey Feedback.
4th and 5th Grade Basketball Development Checklist
This is a sample checklist provided by St. Louise that you can adapt and use to help keep track of various skill development pieces in 4th and 5th grade basketball.
4th and 5th Grade Basketball Goals Sheet - Sample
This is a sample from St. Louise that you can adapt and use to help players AND parents understand the goals for the upcoming season, and how the players can work on things outside of practice and games.
Basketball Tip: Strong Side Vs. Weak Side
To help 4th and 5th grade basketball coaches and players understand how to play man-to-man defense with proper spacing when the ball is on one side of the court. Players should learn how to deny one pass away, and two passes away.
Basketball Tip: Defensive Spacing
To help coaches and players know appropriate spacing when playing man-to-man defense in 4th and 5th grade basketball. Players should learn to deny one pass away, and then leave a little more space between them and their man to deny two passes away.
Basketball Tip: Player Development in Practices
CYO Coaches share their strategies to maximize player development during practice time.
Basketball Tip: Player Development in Games
CYO Caoches share their strategies for developing players during games.
Keeping it Fun! Volleyball
Volleyball Coaches - Games and drills to keep it fun for the kids
Volleyball Tip: Player Development
A list of ideas from CYO volleyball coaches for maximizing the growth and skill development of players during practices and matches.
Through An Umpire's Eyes
Baseball Coaches - A story from the perspective of a youth baseball umpire
Queen Anne Food Bank
For those of you with teams looking to do “team” or “family” service projects to build team community, here is flyer for the Queen Anne Food Bank you can use, or adapt for another organization such as St. Vincent de Paul or your local food bank.
Track Team Assignment Sheet - Sample
This sample team assignment sheet can be adapted by a Track coach in CYO Athletics, looking to organize the participation of each athlete.

Referee Resources
Expectations of Officials in CYO Athletics
Referees and Umpires play important roles in sports, and these expectations help outline that role for all Officials working CYO Athletics games.

Parent Resources
Champion Committee
To promote a positive team culture, parents should work together to form a Champion Committee.
Soccer 101 for Parents and Fans
A quick reference sheet of some easily misunderstood aspects of CYO Soccer. Rule clarifications to help fans better understand the game.
Bullying Prevention
Eight effective People Safety actions from Kidpower that you can use to protect the young people in your life from bullying.
Bullying Q & A
Seven common Questions and Answers about bullying.
Bullying Safety Tips
Eight practices you can work on with the young people to safely deal with bullying.
Volleyball 101 for Parents and Fans
A quick reference sheet of all you need to know to be a parent/fan of CYO Volleyball. Rule clarifications and referee signals to help fans better understand the game.
Teachable Moments - A Story for Parents
Sports are filled with teachable moments, and all parents must help create the environment where our youth can learn and grow. Sometimes it can be hard to watch those we love struggle, and we want to jump in and fix things for them. This leads us to reflect on this story of a Man, a Cocoon and a Butterfly.

Sex Abuse and Misconduct Hotline: 1 800 446-7762
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