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Girls and Boys Volleyball

"Team sports can provide occasions for both personal and group fulfillment. Team work offers excellent opportunities for individuals to develop the value of loyalty (supporting each other, win or lose), fair play (learning to play by the rules of the game), generosity (putting the needs of the team ahead of individual interests), friendship (a way to meet new people) and a spirit of cooperation (learning how to work with others in order to accomplish a specific goal)." ~ Blessed Pope John Paul II
Registration DeadlinesCoaches Meetings/Clinics/CertGame DatesDivisions & Fees
Volleyball Rules
CYO Athletics Specific Rules
Volleyball teams will follow NFHS rules, except as outlined in the CYO Athletics specific rules.
Spirit of Playing Time and Serving Policies
Spirit of intent behind the Playing Time and Serving Policies and how to manage the game. Frequently asked questions.

Score Sheet and Lineup Sheet
Volleyball Score Sheets
Use this Score Sheet for 7th and 8th grade volleyball.
Score Sheet Powerpoint Demonstration
To learn how to keep score in CYO Athletics volleyball, you can follow along with this WIAA powerpoint. Ignore any reference to the Libero position, it is not used in CYO Athletics volleyball. You will need Powerpoint to open this document.
4th-6th Grade Scoresheet
This CYO Athletics specific scoresheet is used for 4th, 5th and 6th grade volleyball.
Volleyball Lineup Sheet
Use this Lineup Sheet for 7th and 8th grade volleyball.
4th-6th Grade Lineup Sheet
Use this Lineup Sheet in 4th, 5th and 6th Grade CYO Volleyball to help track the substitutions and serve order. Remember, players come back into the game the same order they leave after serving. Players re-enter the game at the 6th position. Players remain in the same order for all three games, starting each game where the last game left off. Therefore, one lineup sheet is presented at the beginning of the match and used for all games.
4th-6th Grade Line-Up Sheet Video
Video demonstrating guidelines for filling out 4th-6th grade Line-Up sheet correctly.
4th-6th Grade Scoring Video
Video Demonstrating proper Scoring using the CYO Athletics 4th-6th Grade Score Sheet
4th-6th Grade Line-Up Sheet Instructions
Written instructions and strategic tips for filling out the Line-Up Sheet in 4th-6th Grade Volleyball.

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