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Immigrant & Refugee Ministry

Grounded by our belief in Jesus Christ and Catholic teaching, Immigrant & Refugee Ministry fulfills the commitment of the U.S. Catholic bishops to protect the life and dignity of the human person. We serve and advocate for immigrants, refugees, asylees, migrants, unaccompanied children, and victims of human trafficking.

Living With Dignity and Freedom From Oppression
The Intersection of Human Trafficking and the Contemporary Immigration Crisis

Thursday, April 27th at Seattle First Baptist Church
1111 Harvard Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
6:30pm Gather; 7:00-8:30pm program

How can we stand in solidarity as faith communities with our immigrant sisters and brothers? How is human trafficking and today’s immigration crisis linked? Come learn from experts in the community about how to support immigrant human trafficking survivors and what resources are availabl

Archdiocesan Statements
Statement from Archbishop J. Peter Sartain and Bishop Eusebio Elizondo Feb. 2, 2017
A response to the recent Executive Order regarding refugees.
Statement from Archbishop J. Peter Sartain and Bishop Eusebio Elizondo [Spanish]
A response to the recent Executive Order regarding refugees.
Letter from Archbishop J. Peter Sartain and Bishop Eusebio Elizondo Dec. 8, 2016
A letter of support for immigrant and refugee community members.
Letter from Archbishop J. Peter Sartain and Bishop Eusebio Elizondo [Spanish]
A letter of support for immigrant and refugee community members.

Know Your Rights
JFI Know Your Rights Video [English]
Know your rights with immigration enforcement officers.
If this video does not play on Microsoft Edge, please try another browser.
JFI Know Your Rights Video [Spanish]
Conozca sus derechos frente a oficiales de inmigración.
Si este video no funciona en Microsoft Edge, intente otro buscador (como Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
Nine Ways to Protect Yourself [English]
Nine Ways to Protect Yourself [Spanish]
Prepárese y Protéjase Nueve maneras de protegerse
Know Your Rights: A Collection of Resources
Resources from the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC)

USCCB & CRS Responses to Executive Orders
U.S. Bishops Migration Chairman Responds to New Executive Order
The Most Reverend Joe S. Vásquez, Bishop of Austin and Chair of the USCCB Committee on Migration, says that President Trump’s latest Executive Order still puts vulnerable populations around the world at risk. In a statement issued after the announcement of today’s travel suspension, Bishop Vásquez says that while we seek to maintain our values and safety, we must also exercise compassion in assisting and continuing to welcome the stranger.
U.S. Bishops Chair on Migration Responds to Immigration Enforcement and Border Security
On February 20, 2017, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued two memoranda implementing Executive Orders 13768 and 13767, relating to border and interior immigration enforcement. In response to the memoranda, the Most Reverend Joe S. Vásquez, Bishop of Austin and Chair of the USCCB Committee on Migration, has issued the following statement:
USCCB Statement on 1st Executive Order Regarding Refugees
President and Vice President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Stand in Defense of All Faiths in Response to Executive Order on Refugees
USCCB Position on Executive Order Regarding Border Wall
Committee on Migration Chair Strongly Opposes Administration’s Announcement to Build a Wall at U.S.-Mexico Border, Increase Detention and Deportation Forces.
USCCB Position on Executive Order Regarding Sanctuary Cities
USCCB Committee On Migration Chair Responds To Trump Administration Sanctuary City Executive Order
USCCB Position on Executive Order Regarding Refugees
USCCB Committee On Migration Chair Strongly Opposes Executive Order Because It Harms Vulnerable Refugee And Immigrant Families
Bishop Eusebio Elizondo's USCCB Letter
USCCB Migration Chairman Calls Upon Elected Officials and All Americans to Work Together to Welcome Refugees and Immigrants without Sacrificing Our Core Values and Security
CRS Response to Executive Orders
Head of CRS reacts to Executive Order banning refugees.
CRS Calls for Refugee Ban to be Suspended; More Humane Approach Needed
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) urges the Administration to suspend implementation of the January 27 Executive Order “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States”, until a more focused, targeted, and humane approach can be developed in consultation with relevant government agencies and other stakeholders.

Catholic Social Teaching on Immigration
The Catholic Church in the United States is an immigrant Church with a long history of embracing diverse newcomers and providing assistance and pastoral care to immigrants, migrants, refugees, and people on the move. Our Church has responded to Christ’s call for us to “welcome the stranger among us,” for in this encounter with the immigrant, the migrant, and the refugee in our midst, we encounter Christ.
Resource for Red Cards to Assert Rights
Red Cards were created to help people assert their rights and defend themselves against constitutional violations. Knowing and asserting rights can make a huge difference in many situations, such as when ICE agents go to a home. Red cards provide critical information on how to assert these rights, along with an explanation to ICE agents that the individual is indeed asserting their rights.
Cards to Assert Rights
Cards provided by the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center (IPJC)
Immigrant Safety Plan for Youth and Children
This information was gathered to help families who are facing potential detainment or deportation of parents with children (children with or without status). This document is a collective community resource, **THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE**.
Plan de Inmigrantes para la Seguridad de Jóvenes y Niños
La información a continuación se reunió para ayudar a familias que están enfrentando una posible detención o deportación de padres con hijo/as (hijo/as que tengan o no estado de ciudadanía). Este documento es un recurso colectivo para la comunidad; **ESTO NO ES CONSEJO LEGAL**.
Develop an Emergency Plan [Spanish]
Proteje a tu familia! Prepara un plan de emergencia. Un recurso de IPJC.
Family Preparedness Plan
Every family should have a Family Preparedness Plan. While it is our hope that you never have to use your plan, it is a good practice to have one in place to help reduce the stress of the unexpected. This packet will help everyone create a Family Preparedness Plan, regardless of immigration status. However, because of the additional challenges immigrant and mixed status families face, we also have additional advice for immigrants.
Plan Familiar En Caso de Emergencia
Cada familia debe tener un plan en caso de emergencia. Aunque nuestro deseo es que usted nunca tenga que usar este plan, es buena práctica tener uno a la mano para reducir el estrés de lo inesperado. Este paquete le ayudará a crear un plan familiar sin importar su estatus migratorio. Sin embargo, debido a los retos adicionales que enfrentan las familias inmigrantes y las compuestas de miembros con diferentes estatus migratorios, también tenemos consejos adicionales para los inmigrantes.
Ideas for Parish Groups
A list of ideas for parishes seeking to respond to local immigrant & refugee needs.
A Guide for Allies of Refugees and Immigrants
Learn * Volunteer * Donate * Advocate
How Can We Assist Immigrants and Refugees?
Suggestions from the USCCB Justice for Immigrants Campaign.
St. James Immigrant Assistance Resource List
A comprehensive list of resources and information for immigrants, refugees, and allies.
Immigration 101 Training Video
Jorge L. Barón gives a training for social service providers interested in learning more about how they can better serve the immigrant community.
Immigrant Parishioner Welcome Webinar (CLINIC)
Moving From Stranger to Neighbor: How to Incorporate Parish Volunteers into Newcomer Integration Initiatives
Syrian Refugee Crisis: 7 Things You Can Do to Help
CRS action items in support of Syrian refugees.
Justice for Immigrants Website
We are one family under God.

Northwest Detention Center Information
A Guide to the Northwest Detention Center
This pamphlet has been prepared by the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project to provide useful information to friends and family of detainees at the Northwest Detention Center.
Este panfleto fue preparado por el Proyecto Para los Derechos del Inmigrante para proveer información útil a la familia y amigos de detenidos en el Centro de Detención.

Homilies & Pastoral Reflections
St. James Cathedral Addresses the Immigration Ban from the Pulpit
Father Michael G. Ryan's Homily on the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sacred Heart, Lacey Bulletin Reflection
Fr. Tim Ilgen reflects on immigration issues.
Immigration: Some Cases to Consider
A blog post by Fr. Bryan Ochs. This is not intended to be a thorough discussion of National Security and immigration. It is only to raise awareness of how certain deportations could negatively effect our community.

Phone-in Fridays
An advocacy resource from JFI. Use the following scripts to voice your support for immigrants and refugees during Lent.
Advocacy Actions for Responding to Recent Migration-Related Executive Orders
Action steps from the Justice for Immigrants Campaign
Please urge Congress to help Syrian refugees
The plight of Syrian refugees is great. Ask Congress to support these sisters and brothers of ours by welcoming them, offering assistance and seeking an end to the war. You can send an email and you can call your members of Congress: 888-562-8232
Please Support the BRIDGE Act and Protect DACA Youth
Send this JFI action alert in support of immigrant youth

DACA & BRIDGE Act Materials
What is DACA?
Explanation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
BRIDGE Act Letter to the House
The USCCB offers a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives supporting the BRIDGE Act (S.128/H.R. 496), which protects DACA-eligible youth from deportation.
BRIDGE Act Talking Points
Suggestions from the USCCB for letters and legislative visits that advocate for the BRIDGE Act (S.128/H.R. 496).

In the News
Rejecting refugees defies 'God's Word' -- growing religious resistance to President Trump
The rising Seattle-area religious resistance to President Trump's immigration/refugee order was joined from the St. James Cathedral pulpit Sunday, as the Very Rev. Michael Ryan depicted the crackdown as contravening both "God's Word" and America's values.
Western Washington’s Catholic bishops have expressed concern over the Trump administration’s entry ban on refugees and Muslims.
Seattle Times Article on Christian Response to President Trump's Immigration Ban
Seattle-area worshippers mourn, denounce President Trump's immigration ban.
An Encounter with Dreamers Article
Northwest Catholic covers a recent event that sought to connect people with "Dreamers" from our area and around the country.
Northwest Catholic Article on Immigrant Dignity
As Trump talks deportation, bishop sends message on immigrants' dignity

National Migration Week 2017
Pope Francis' Special Video Message
A Message from the President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Response to Pope Francis’ Video Message During National Migration Week.
Message from the President and Vice President of USCCB
Memo from Rev. Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield, General Secretary highlighting message from the President and Vice President of USCCB on National Migration Week [English and Spanish]
USCCB National Migration Week
Resources from the USCCB, including the National Migration Week Toolkit
National Migration Week Insert
Learn facts and information about National Migration Week!
A Letter from the Heart of an Undocumented Immigrant
In recognition that this is National Migration Week and at the invitation of the National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Voice of the Poor Committee, for the first time I am telling my story of coming to the United States as an undocumented immigrant.

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