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JustFaith Ministries

JustFaith Ministries aspires to enable people of faith to develop a passion for justice, to express this passion in concrete acts of social ministry, and to expand the work of social ministry in their faith communities. JustFaith Ministries creates and supports faith formation processes and resources that emphasize the Gospel message of peace and justice, Church social teaching and the intersection of spirituality and action.


JustFaith Ministries

The Missions Office is the local representative for CRS and CCHD and we are the liaison between parishes and groups with JustFaith. In addition, other partners include Pax Christi USA, Bread and Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, and there is an affiliation with Catholic Charities USA. Please contact us with any questions or requests related to the various JustFaith programs in western Washington and the JustFaith graduate community.


JustFaith Ministries
JustFaith Ministries offers extended justice formation programs that provide opportunities for individuals to study and be formed by the justice tradition articulated by the Scriptures, the Church's historical witness, theological inquiry and Church social teaching.
Jack Jezreel's Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2011 keynote address
"Gathered and Sent: Saints, Prophets and Martyrs on a Mission."
A Talk to JustFaith Graduates by Jack Jezreel
Talk by Jack Jezreel of JustFaith Ministries, in Los Angles on March, 2011. Inspiring comments offered in a “spirit of wanting to support and grow a church that is a powerful expression of God’s restoring, healing presence in the world.”

GoodNewsPeople Program

GoodNewsPeople Program
GoodNewsPeople is an engaging small group, parish-based program inviting people to new ways of understanding their faith, themselves and the needs of the world around them.
Learn more
Program Flyer View
Video Resources View
GoodNewsPeople Program website View

JustFaith gathering Nov. 16, 2013 - A Faithful Response to Mental Illness

King County MH Services View
Mental Illness Resources View
Theological Framework on Mental Illness View
Prayers for Faithful Response to Mental Illness View
Mental Illness resource binder View
National Catholic Partnership on Disability Webinar
Dorothy Coughlin – Archdiocese of Portland
Bulletin reflection by Father Paul Magnano View

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