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Parish Resources

2020 Annual Catholic Appeal Dates
Appeal Kickoff Weekend – May 10, 2020
Presentation/Ask Weekend 1 – May 17, 2020
Presentation/Ask Weekend 2 – May 24, 2020
Follow-Up/Ask Weekend 1 – June 7, 2020
Follow-Up/Ask Weekend 2 - June 14, 2020
ACA Campaign Resources for Parishes
All 2020 Campaign Resources
All 2020 ACA Campaign Resources will be available through Box this year! A link to access the Box folder will also be provided in email communications from the ACA Office during the Appeal.
Access the Box folder

Best Practices for Electronic Communications/Messaging
Bulletin Best Practices
Bulletin fundamentals, design, and content that can assist you with providing a clear and concise message each week.
Messaging - Mobile App, Texting, Email
Electronic communication with your parishioners saves time, money, and paper. It allows you to communicate with them more effectively and immediately. It also benefits parishioners, giving them the ability to communicate with the parish one-on-one.
Online Giving Best Practices
Online giving is a critical component of parish/diocesan fundraising, now, and in the future. The Archdiocese of Seattle has long encouraged parishes to offer their parishioners the opportunity to give electronically.
Social Media Best Practices
Social media can be used as an important part of online evangelization when used correctly and has the power to reach an audience that we've never thought imaginable.
Website Best Practices
Increase the number of parishioners that are viewing
your website for information, donating, registering, and volunteering.

PDS Church Office Registration and Trainings
PDS System Configuration
System and Sacrament configuration
Parish Registration Guidelines
Parish Registration Instructions
Complete Instructions with screen snapshots to aid in the parish registration process in PDS
How to mark a record deceased
Details on marking a record deceased, either head of household member1 or the spouse member2
Step 1 Report for Archdiocese Set Up
Instructions to export your parish registration list updates - changes, deletions, additions, deceased
Full List Export Files
Step 1 Download to use with the PDS Report Export process
Step 2 Report for Archdiocese Monthly Process
Once you have completed Step 1, use this report to send periodic updates thereafter (monthly preferred)
Import ACA ID numbers in PDS
Instructions to import the ACA ID into the 2nd ID field in PDS
Data Cleanup
Data Clean up for Keywords and User-defined fields
FAQ's from Training Session 1
Answers to frequently asked questions on topics such as system configuration, online registration, keywords, data clean up and comprehensive reports

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