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12 Gardens of Stewardship for Catholic Schools Curriculum

'The Twelve Gardens of Stewardship' is a concept developed by Bishop Robert Morneau of the Diocese of Green Bay that helps us apply Christian Stewardship to every area of our daily lives. The Archdiocese of Seattle Office of Catholic Schools recommends that each school adapt the suggested 'Twelve Gardens of Stewardship' schedule and optional grade emphasis according to their specific curriculum needs.

Staff Resources

Twelve Gardens of Stewardship for School Curriculums

Suggested Curriculum Schedule View
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Teacher Contributions

Stewardship Gardens for First Grade (K - 2+ appropriate)
Kristin Barbieri and Anna Alkema - St. Joseph, Vancouver
Garden of Citizenship (6 - 8 appropriate)
Elizabeth Reyes - St. Vincent de Paul, Federal Way
Garden of Relationships (K-2+ appropriate)
Hazel Brumback - St. John, Seattle
Contribute - We invite our educators to share photos and ideas for incorporating the Twelve Gardens into class curriculums. Contact Us

Stewardship Garden of the Arts
Stewardship Gardens of the Body & Emotions
Stewardship Garden of Citizenship
Stewardship Garden of Creation
Stewardship Garden of Decisions
Stewardship Garden of History
Stewardship Garden of Money
Stewardship Garden of Relationships
Stewardship Garden of the Soul
Stewardship Gardens of Technology & the Mind
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